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I love words. All words. I like the sound and feel of them. As a teenager, I used to set myself challenges of learning a new word a day, the most outlandish the better and then I had to insert it correctly into a conversation.  


My professional life has usually been about words in some form or another whether as a performer on stage, as a writer of comedy and blogs or as a former English teacher in High School I have always been a purveyor of words. Apart from my brief career as an 'Elephant Whisperer' but that's a whole other story. 


I sort of fell sideways into copywriting, people would ask me to check their work and maybe come up with some ideas. I would more often than not end up writing it for them and when a friend suggested I did it professionally I thought it was a perfect fit for me. I haven't looked back since.


I love getting in sync with my clients and helping them discover the right voice and tone for their business. To be an excellent copywriter you have to be a good listener as often a client knows what they want but are just not sure how to explain it. My job is to translate that into awesome copy and I am passionate about getting it right.


Supporting other women in business especially working with small businesses and start-ups is one of my real passions. Working with other like-minded women and helping them find their 'voice' in business is truly a privilege. 


I have an honours Degree in Theatre Arts, a Teaching qualification, plus, a Masters Degree, but all of those mean nothing without the skills to listen, connect and be wicked with words.




"Write drunk;

edit sober." 

 Ernest Hemingway

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